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  • Dear ReMasterGames users

    I am addressing the entire community of ReMasterGames, to present the new platform that our company has been developing in a new project for the benefit of our users and the open community in general.


    New WebMail service of remastergames, is a platform to manage administrative emails. The great particularity of this platform is that it is totally free to the community where you can enter with your Gmail accounts, remastergames mail accounts, and you can even add your own institutional mail under your personal domain.

    How can I add my institutional email?

    First of all you have to know that when you hire a domain either free or paid or even sub domains, this brings DNS configured to manage the urls address where your website will work but also bring DNS for mail administration (MX) under the same extension of the domain, for example: [email protected]

    Depending on where you manage your domain or have your DNS configured, either a Cpanel, Plesk hosting, or other hosting providers and / or web administrative platforms can be configured in the same way in our WebMail platform.


    1) You must have full control of your domain

    2) You must have access depending on your platform to create mail accounts under your domain depending on the hosting service you have hired and the space and limitations of the email accounts assigned to you. (In the case of remastergames plesk hosting services, this does not have limitations on email accounts therefore you can do as many accounts as you want either for your institutional administration or emails for your users of your project)

    3) You must know the imap and smtp connection settings of your institutional email (ports, imap-smtp servers, type of authenticate ssl or tls)

    4) Finally, you just have to contact remastergames at [email protected] giving you the configuration information in the following way:

    Domain name: mijuego.com

    IMAP configuration

    Server: imap.mijuego.com

    Port: 993
    Authentication: SSL / TLS

    SMTP configuration

    Server: smtp.mijuego.com
    Port: 587

    Authentication: TLS

    With this data provided, our technicians will carry out the immediate installation of your domain in our web platform.

    Then it only remains that you create your email accounts in your hosting or web administrator hired and you can enter freely to manage your emails in an elegant, safe and instinctive way.

    What happens if I do not know much about the subject of mail configuration?

    ReMasterGames will provide you with free support and auditing so that you can configure your institutional email in a successful way so that it makes use of our platform open to the community.

    If you have your services contracted with us, ReMasterGames will personally configure your services for the integration of this platform, you should only request it.

    Finally I leave the link to our platform and images

    WebMail (Directo a la página)


    Team of ReMasterGames