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  • Edition Pack - ShStudio

    One of the best programs for client edition Shaiya (Shstudio), I bring all the versions of this powerful program which brings many features to edit absolutely everything in your client Shaiya.

    It must be said that all the versions have particular characteristics that some later ones do not bring so if you already have experience in using this application you will know that you will always have to use one or three versions of this program to be able to modify everything you need.

    In this post, due to issues of effort, the functionalities and characteristics of each version will not be explained, since this requires an independent guide post for each version, because the potential of which can be edited is very broad, and the what to do since bad handling can cause errors. Therefore, this use guide will be available later.

    Summary of versions:

    • shStudio 0.7.1 - Recommended edition for EP 4.5 customers (originals)
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 5.4 clients (originals) and earlier
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6 (original) and previous clients
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6.2 (original) and previous clients
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6.3 clients (originals) and previous
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6.4 (original) and previous clients
    • shStudio 0.8 Pro Version Recommended edition for customers EP 6.4 and EP 8 (originals) and previous

    Credits to developer: Castor4878

    Any questions or comments please leave it in the comments :)