[Release] ServerFiles EP6.4 Full (original)

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  • ServerFiles Shaiya FULL EP6.4

    Today I bring you a special installment for all developers, server servers shaiya episode 6.4

    Special features of the episode:

    -Compatible with Wings, Costumes, Pets.

    -Compatible with Mounts [SP]

    -Compatible only with EP6.x + database

    -Compatible with assambler script (Systems: FFA, Kill Raid Shared, Bonus Exp-Enchant-Kill, among others)

    -Compatible with personalized notification systems.

    -Adaptability of personalized maximum levels in db.ini and sh.ini you can set the maximum level of your episode. Ex: 60

    -svmap by default EP8 if required you can change them for Latin or original ep versions.

    -NpcQuest.sdata compatible only in EP5-EP4 format (PSM_Client / Bin / Data)

    -Protection AntiInyeccion updated (ps_login.exe).

    -AntiDupeo (integrated)

    -No major bug detected

    * Does not include database *

    If you already have a server installed on your server to make an episode change (just replace the Bin folder that is in (PSM_Client / Bin)) Do not replace the Config.ini ps_game.ini etc. Since you will lose the connection to the database, this data must be maintained. The other files in the other folders (services: PSM_Server / PSM_Client) keep them does not delete or replace only the folder mentioned above.

    Any questions or doubts in favor of letting it know in the comments.