[RELEASE] PS_Login.exe UPDATE Security 07/2019

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  • FIX PS_LOGIN 07/2019

    Lately there have been attempts to harm Shaiya servers trying to hack user accounts from different servers. This is due to the fact that they have hacked a database with a large number of users from other servers, so they take advantage of this information to damage accounts of the different existing servers.

    As ReMasterGames the servers that are under our support these have not been violated but they have entered their accounts with this data. Therefore * IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE * that the users of each server always change their passwords and never occupy the same in all games.

    For the Developers community and server administrator we recommend having a daily backup policy, protect database connection by external IP blocking. Constantly analyze your machines in search of malwares or backdoor

    We have included the last update of the safe PS_Login.exe to avoid injections of PS Login to your database.

    What is a PS_Login.exe?

    It is a service file to maintain the connection between the game and the server. This file is specifically responsible for checking and transferring information about the login of the accounts on the game's home screen, since there are methods of injecting data into the data. of the login of the game.exe this service is frequently the most attacked and most vulnerable for possible injections and hacking in the database, without the need to obtain the data of access to the database since the service itself has a connection own already established.

    How do I change this file?

    First you must turn off the services of your game PSM_MGR then go to the folder where you have installed your serverfiles for example

    ServerFiles / Server / PSM_Client / Bin

    In the folder BIN you can find the executables of the services you just have to unzip this attachment and replace it with the existing ones. Then you just have to restart your services and you will be safe.

    Who should do it?

    Basically everyone should update this file especially those that have ServerFiles of old episodes that are more vulnerable, this ps_login service does not interfere with the features and / or version of the server therefore it will not generate a bug at the time of its change.

    If you have more doubt, feel free to ask ;)

  • Athor

    Changed the title of the thread from “[RELEASE] PS_Login.exe UPDATE Security 07/2018” to “[RELEASE] PS_Login.exe UPDATE Security 07/2019”.