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    ServerFiles Shaiya FULL EP6.4

    Today I bring you a special installment for all developers, server servers shaiya episode 6.4

    Special features of the episode:

    -Compatible with Wings, Costumes, Pets.

    -Compatible with Mounts [SP]

    -Compatible only with EP6.x + database

    -Compatible with assambler script (Systems: FFA, Kill Raid Shared, Bonus Exp-Enchant-Kill, among others)

    -Compatible with personalized notification systems.

    -Adaptability of personalized maximum levels in db.ini and sh.ini you can set the maximum level of your episode. Ex: 60

    -svmap by default EP8 if required you can change them for Latin or original ep versions.

    -NpcQuest.sdata compatible only in EP5-EP4 format (PSM_Client / Bin / Data)

    -Protection AntiInyeccion updated (ps_login.exe).

    -AntiDupeo (integrated)

    -No major bug detected

    * Does not include database *

    If you already have a server installed on your server to make an episode change (just replace the Bin folder that is in (PSM_Client / Bin)) Do not replace the Config.ini ps_game.ini etc. Since you will lose the connection to the database, this data must be maintained. The other files in the other folders (services: PSM_Server / PSM_Client) keep them does not delete or replace only the folder mentioned above.

    Any questions or doubts in favor of letting it know in the comments.


    Edition Pack - ShStudio

    One of the best programs for client edition Shaiya (Shstudio), I bring all the versions of this powerful program which brings many features to edit absolutely everything in your client Shaiya.

    It must be said that all the versions have particular characteristics that some later ones do not bring so if you already have experience in using this application you will know that you will always have to use one or three versions of this program to be able to modify everything you need.

    In this post, due to issues of effort, the functionalities and characteristics of each version will not be explained, since this requires an independent guide post for each version, because the potential of which can be edited is very broad, and the what to do since bad handling can cause errors. Therefore, this use guide will be available later.

    Summary of versions:

    • shStudio 0.7.1 - Recommended edition for EP 4.5 customers (originals)
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 5.4 clients (originals) and earlier
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6 (original) and previous clients
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6.2 (original) and previous clients
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6.3 clients (originals) and previous
    • shStudio - Recommended edition for EP 6.4 (original) and previous clients
    • shStudio 0.8 Pro Version Recommended edition for customers EP 6.4 and EP 8 (originals) and previous

    Credits to developer: Castor4878

    Any questions or comments please leave it in the comments :)

    Database Shaiya FULL EP6.4

    Today I bring you a special delivery for all developers, an original database 6.4 with all the errors fixed and above all untapped so they can not infiltrate it or hack it.

    Since there are many incomplete databases or with multiple errors this database is completely corrected all common errors,

    also contains compatibility for previous episodes and sea for EP: 4.5 - 6.4

    All the scripts (storage procedures) are optimized to deliver the best performance in queries and data management modified and fully adapted by ReMasterGames.

    Any questions or concerns to make known in the comments.



    • DATABASE.rar

      (7.99 MB, downloaded 19 times, last: )

    Dear ReMasterGames users

    I am addressing the entire community of ReMasterGames, to present the new platform that our company has been developing in a new project for the benefit of our users and the open community in general.


    New WebMail service of remastergames, is a platform to manage administrative emails. The great particularity of this platform is that it is totally free to the community where you can enter with your Gmail accounts, remastergames mail accounts, and you can even add your own institutional mail under your personal domain.

    How can I add my institutional email?

    First of all you have to know that when you hire a domain either free or paid or even sub domains, this brings DNS configured to manage the urls address where your website will work but also bring DNS for mail administration (MX) under the same extension of the domain, for example: [email protected]

    Depending on where you manage your domain or have your DNS configured, either a Cpanel, Plesk hosting, or other hosting providers and / or web administrative platforms can be configured in the same way in our WebMail platform.


    1) You must have full control of your domain

    2) You must have access depending on your platform to create mail accounts under your domain depending on the hosting service you have hired and the space and limitations of the email accounts assigned to you. (In the case of remastergames plesk hosting services, this does not have limitations on email accounts therefore you can do as many accounts as you want either for your institutional administration or emails for your users of your project)

    3) You must know the imap and smtp connection settings of your institutional email (ports, imap-smtp servers, type of authenticate ssl or tls)

    4) Finally, you just have to contact remastergames at [email protected]m giving you the configuration information in the following way:

    Domain name:

    IMAP configuration


    Port: 993
    Authentication: SSL / TLS

    SMTP configuration

    Port: 587

    Authentication: TLS

    With this data provided, our technicians will carry out the immediate installation of your domain in our web platform.

    Then it only remains that you create your email accounts in your hosting or web administrator hired and you can enter freely to manage your emails in an elegant, safe and instinctive way.

    What happens if I do not know much about the subject of mail configuration?

    ReMasterGames will provide you with free support and auditing so that you can configure your institutional email in a successful way so that it makes use of our platform open to the community.

    If you have your services contracted with us, ReMasterGames will personally configure your services for the integration of this platform, you should only request it.

    Finally I leave the link to our platform and images

    WebMail (Directo a la página)


    Team of ReMasterGames

    FIX PS_LOGIN 07/2018

    Lately there have been attempts to harm Shaiya servers trying to hack user accounts from different servers. This is due to the fact that they have hacked a database with a large number of users from other servers, so they take advantage of this information to damage accounts of the different existing servers.

    As ReMasterGames the servers that are under our support these have not been violated but they have entered their accounts with this data. Therefore * IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE * that the users of each server always change their passwords and never occupy the same in all games.

    For the Developers community and server administrator we recommend having a daily backup policy, protect database connection by external IP blocking. Constantly analyze your machines in search of malwares or backdoor

    We have included the last update of the safe PS_Login.exe to avoid injections of PS Login to your database.

    What is a PS_Login.exe?

    It is a service file to maintain the connection between the game and the server. This file is specifically responsible for checking and transferring information about the login of the accounts on the game's home screen, since there are methods of injecting data into the data. of the login of the game.exe this service is frequently the most attacked and most vulnerable for possible injections and hacking in the database, without the need to obtain the data of access to the database since the service itself has a connection own already established.

    How do I change this file?

    First you must turn off the services of your game PSM_MGR then go to the folder where you have installed your serverfiles for example

    ServerFiles / Server / PSM_Client / Bin

    In the folder BIN you can find the executables of the services you just have to unzip this attachment and replace it with the existing ones. Then you just have to restart your services and you will be safe.

    Who should do it?

    Basically everyone should update this file especially those that have ServerFiles of old episodes that are more vulnerable, this ps_login service does not interfere with the features and / or version of the server therefore it will not generate a bug at the time of its change.

    If you have more doubt, feel free to ask ;)


    [Rules] Shaiya


    In addition to the general board rules, which have to be observed across all sections, following regulations apply for the Shaiya forum. Possible rule violations can be reported by using report.gif button. Whenever a regulation is violated, immediate punishment - depending on the severity of violation - in form of either warning or infraction can be inflicted. More details regarding this can be found in Infractions & Warnings: Things You Should Know.

    • Please pay attention to all of the stickied topics, before making a post.
    • If you wish to sell or purchase Shaiya related items (such as accounts, gold, items, private server features), please use the Shaiya Trading section.

    Important links:

    • Shaiya Chit-Chat [English / German only!]
    • That's Shaiya (Information about the game, intended for new players)


    • As you might have seen in the forum description, this section is a [No questions / Keine fragen] section! You are not allowed to ask for, or request for any releases in this section.
    • Releasing malware will result in an immediate ban.
    • Please always provide a valid VirusTotal report with your release.


    • As you might have seen in the forum description, this section is a [No questions / Keine fragen] section! You are not allowed to ask for, or request for any releases in this section.
    • Releasing the work of another user is strictly forbidden. If another user can prove that the release belongs to them, the thread will be deleted
    • Advertising a private server that is using a free website provider is forbidden.
    • Advertising a private server that does not contain a link back to elitepvpers is forbidden, and will result in an infraction for repeat offenders. First time offenders will be issued with a warning.


    1. General Remarks

    1. You can check out the current forum staff here. You can also see a list of all assigned moderators on the bottom right when viewing a forum. An overview of all existing forum ranks can be found here. If you feel like joining the forum staff yourself, you should check out this forum.
    2. You can read up on warnings and infractions (there is a difference!) as well as on other details regarding our penalty system here.
    3. You can address complaints and other issues via the Support. We will not discuss infractions, bans and/or other penalties in the forums, nor in the shoutbox, nor in any other public area of the board.
    4. The board administration has the final say in any discussion.
    5. You are free to create a new account after a permanent ban, provided you have not been flagged as no longer welcome.
    6. Official threads like the local rules can be identified by the ReMasterGames
    7. The following rules apply to all forums (including the shoutbox), but can be extended or loosened by section-specific rules. You can find local rules like the Black Market Rules either as announcements or as sticky threads (those are marked with [Rules]). All violations of local rules are minor violations by default. Exceptions are denoted accordingly.

    2. Very Severe Violations

    1. Engaging in or advertising illegal activities (fraud, carding etc.) is strictly forbidden. This also includes hacking computers, servers or accounts that do not belong to you (elitepvpers is okay with game hacking, not hacking)!
    2. Spreading malware of any kind (stealer, keylogger, RATs etc.) is forbidden.
    3. Extreme insults, baiting or racist comments — especially when addressed to the forum staff — will not be tolerated.
    4. Advertising forums competing with elitepvpers (about gamehacking and trading) is forbidden.
    5. The use of multiple accounts, manipulation of account stats (TBM ratings, thanks) and attempts at dodging negative ratings will not be tolerated. As soon as a person owns more than one unbanned acount, we consider it a case of multiaccounting! Additional accounts for siblings or for other compelling reasons must first be requested via support!
    6. You may not bypass temporary bans by creating a new account for the duration of the ban.
    7. Massive spam on the forums or via private message is forbidden.

    3. Severe Violations

    1. Posting or requesting warez (cracked software, keygens etc.) is forbidden.
    2. Posting pornography is forbidden. We consider images/videos to be pornographic if they show primary or secondary sexual characteristics.
    3. You are not allowed to impersonate a member of the forum staff (e.g. by using rank icons as your avatar or misleading nicknames).
    4. Abusing the thanks system (especially trading thanks) is forbidden.

    4. Serious Violations

    1. Insulting, flaming, accusing and baiting other members is forbidden.
    2. Posting referral links is forbidden. You may only share them via private messages and only if you are asked to do so.
    3. Advertising other websites is only allowed if they contain a publicly accessible link back to elitepvpers. Advertising your own Facebook page, Twitter account or Youtube channel is only allowed if they have liked/followed/subscribed the respective elitepvpers profile.
    4. The use of survey download mirrors (e.g. Sharecash) is only allowed, if you provide an alternative download mirror with no such limitations.
    5. You are not allowed to post questions or requests in a release forum (marked with [NO QUESTIONS]).
    6. Any intentional abuse of the report system (i.e. reporting the same post multiple times, reporting legitimate posts just for the fun of it etc.) is forbidden.

    5. Minor Violations

    1. Making up your own rank icons and using them as your avatar is forbidden.
    2. Making posts that are unnecessary or meaningless one-word posts like "#reported" or "#closerequest" is forbidden.
    3. Posting twice in a row is to be avoided. Exceptions due to compelling reasons should be discussed with a moderator first.
    4. Pushing/bumping outdated threads is only allowed if there is a good reason, e.g. if you have the same the question, but so far no satisfying answer has been given in the thread. If in doubt, ask a moderator whether you should pick up the old thread or rather create a new one instead.
    5. We do not take kindly of unfriendly or provocative behavior towards other members; the same goes for excessive trolling.
    6. Usernames which partially or fully contain an URL are forbidden.

    6. Signature Rules

    In addition to the general board rules, the following special rules apply to signatures (violations of both being minor):

    1. Signatures should not cause discomfort or annoy other members (e.g. by using excessively bright colors or annoying animations)
    2. The maximum allowed file size for images used in signatures is 600KB. This value refers to the combined file size of all images used in a signature (including images placed in spoilers)!

    7. Penalties

    • As a basic principle, any first-time rule violation will usually result in a warning whereas repeated violations will result in infractions.
    • Severe and very severe violations can qualify for an immediate infraction or even a ban. However, when it comes to minor violations, we may sometimes hand out multiple warnings for repeated violations.
    • Only infractions result in infraction points. Reaching 3 active infraction points will result in a ban. The ban duration depends on the severity of your violations, hence the amount of temporary bans before the final permanent one may vary from user to user. It's up to the acting global moderator's (or administrator's) discretion to assess the punishment.
    • We reserve the right to deviate from this system in certain cases. Members who have proven their worth to the community may be looking at reduced penalties whereas known troublemakers can expect a stricter treatment. Any such decisions will be made by the administration individually and are not up for debate.
    • If you still find yourself with 3 or more active infraction points after your temporary ban has expired, you will of course not be banned again. However, should you receive a new infraction after that, resulting in a total of 3 or more active infraction points, you will receive another ban. So keep in mind that it does not take 6 active infraction points for you to get banned twice.